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House up in the House!

posted by shmoo15 on August 22, 2012 4:51 pm -

Since my last blog, I got married, got a new job and bought a house.

I know you were probably sad and missed me and felt feelings of rage about my lack of posting, but you know what? Life goes on kids, and I went ahead and got myself one of them.

Well, I had one, until I bought the house. Now Booty Man and I will be the house's bitch for all of eternity.

Here is said glorious house:

It's dreamy, right?

House is a thing of perfection, minus the dry rot, termites and rooms upon rooms of sponge paint. I mean, I'm a child of the 90s and all and who didn't love a good faux job back in the day when you were wearing hammer pants and listening to Salt n Peppa, but come on? Get with the solid paint, people. Texture is soooooo out.

So I dove right in to color swatch town and decided I love gray. I want to have gray's babies and paint them in every room of my house! It's such a fun and modern neutral that doesn't scream "I'm boring, rich and stuffy!" I've pretty much gotten as far as I like gray and frankly, it's exhausting to pick out paint. I mean I could get blamed for all kinds of heinous cruelty to design and not be able to do anything about it, because I DID pick the wrong paint color, damn it! *sobs dramatically in a corner.*

I think I like the whole earth and sky theme of grays, blues, greens and neutrals, but when it comes down to actually picking colors, I'm about as decisive as hubs and I trying to plan a date night. Sheesh people, help a potentially color-blind sista OUT!

Here are the before and after photos of the two gray rooms we actually finished painting, that are now longing for some art love. P.s. The photos blow. Love you! Smooches!

Before - Living Room

After - Living Room

Before - Bedroom

After - Bedroom

Progress is progress people, it all will happen in good time, and by good time, I mean we'll have art hung by 2020. That will also probably be the next time I blog.


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